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From June 2006 to December 2020

Every post and project tagged with ruby is listed right below. Feel free to dig around or to use the browser search (ctrl + f) if you're in a hurry.

One post in 2020

  1. Performance measurements of brute-force search for a substring in lines 3 comments Tags: programming, performance, php, ruby, python, c, operating-systems, hardware

One project started and one post in 2015

  1. MiniDynDNS 2 comments Tags: ruby, dns, http, network, programming, minidyndns
  2. minidyndns one file DNS server No comments Tags: dns, dyndns, ruby

One project started in 2011

  1. lisp.rb Lisp interpreter written in Ruby No comments Tags: lisp, interpreter, ruby, D

One post in 2008

  1. locator.rb:91:in `add': wrong number of arguments 2 comments Tags: ruby, rails, ubuntu, ruby-gems

2 posts in 2007

  1. Rails FCGID dispatcher finder No comments Tags: ruby, rails
  2. Options for Rubys to_yaml method… 7 comments Tags: yaml, ruby, rails, simple-localization

One project started and one post in 2006

  1. Ausbildung vorbei Written in German 6 comments Tags: exam, work, ruby, rails, programming
  2. SimpleLocalization and Rails i18n Ruby on Rails plugin, workgroup activity No comments Tags: rails, ruby, webdesign, html, css, organization, administration