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From March 2007 to June 2008

Every post and project tagged with simple-localization is listed right below. Feel free to dig around or to use the browser search (ctrl + f) if you're in a hurry.

One post in 2008

  1. One step further No comments Tags: bos, exam, opera, situation, simple-localization, rails-i18n, retrospective

7 posts in 2007

  1. Altes Blut… Written in German No comments Tags: bos, simple-localization, rails-i18n, retrospective
  2. Cool, ich hab… Zeit Written in German 2 comments Tags: ubuntu, wine, simple-localization, zgr
  3. Options for Rubys to_yaml method… 7 comments Tags: yaml, ruby, rails, simple-localization
  4. Firefox und seine "Dynamischen Lesezeichen" Written in German 2 comments Tags: firefox, simple-localization, newsfeed
  5. Projekte Written in German 10 comments Tags: simple-localization, table-navigation, jquery
  6. Der Spaß am Programmieren Written in German No comments Tags: programming, simple-localization
  7. Lang ist's her Written in German 4 comments Tags: simple-localization, table-navigation, zivi, books, halo