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Stuff tagged with “usability”

From May 2008 to August 2011

Every post and project tagged with usability is listed right below. Feel free to dig around or to use the browser search (ctrl + f) if you're in a hurry.

One project started in 2011

  1. The plains project web-based note organization tool No comments Tags: plains, organizing, webdesign, php, html, css, javascript, jquery, rest, usability

One post in 2010

  1. Positive Ubuntu Notify OSD impressions No comments Tags: ubuntu, shinpuru, usability

2 posts in 2009

  1. Level 60 Word-User Written in German No comments Tags: games, usability
  2. Friendly blank pages 1 comment Tags: usability, webdesign, programming, html, css

One post in 2008

  1. Modern Ambience design prototype No comments Tags: webdesign, fonts, usability, programming, css, html, javascript, arkanis-development, modern-ambience